Business Development Director


Factory-CRO Group is a global Medical Device Contract Research Organization focused on providing solutions tailored to the needs of the medical device and biologics industry. We specialize in clinical/regulatory/data-management affairs for innovative technologies and organizations of all sizes. In Factory-CRO Group the premium medical device CROs are working closely together: Factory-CRO in Europe, MileStone Research in USA and FiveCorners in Australia (and more will join!). With these location in Bilthoven (The Netherlands), San Diego (USA) and Sydney (Australia) we have the ability to provide our clients with the best of ‘all worlds’: a personal, long-term, trustworthy and direct service from a local knowledgeable organization and the consistency and reach from a global organization.


Our Factory-CRO Group is seeking a highly motivated and hardworking individual interested in supporting our organizations. The candidate will develop and lead our global business development strategy together with our management team. Goals are to foster long-term relations with medical device manufacturers around the world with a focus on the USA clients.

Skills and Abilities Desired

  • Ability to communicate, problem solve and work effectively in an international team

  • Innovative and self-motivated

  • Good organization skills and ability to prioritize goals and responsibilities

  • Maintain confidentiality and comply with HIPAA and GDPR

  • Knowledge of ISO14155/CFR/ICH/MDR Guidelines

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Analyze the needs of the various medical device industry sections and develop scenarios to meet these.

  • Identify and contact potential new business opportunities.

  • Support long-term relations with our current and new clients

  • Coordinate and execute sales activities among the geographic location.

  • Support and lead the business development integration of Factory-CRO Group

Minimum Requirements

  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in STEM field, or nursing degree

  • Fluency in the English language, preferably a second language

  • Previous relevant experience (> 2-3 years) with direct contact with the medical device clients

  • Travel required

Job Type: Full-time; USA based

For information and to submit your application please contact Joris Bannenberg (

Direct applicants only.